Wideband Modernization Plan

ANSOL, Inc. developed an installation planning and management tool called the Wideband Modernization Plan (WMP). U.S. Navy Commander Fleet Forces, and Naval Networks Command have strongly endorsed this tool and have encouraged the Surface Navy and Marine Corps installation teams to develop products and processes of same of similar nature for tracking and fielding of their systems. As result, the WMP concept has been implemented by ANSOL, Inc. as the core developers.

In effort to standardize processes, ANSOL, Inc. is currently working on an initiative that will keep a close link to the WMP by providing all the detailed financial data regarding the fiscal years (FY) of procurement and installation for every system on all Navy platforms and Submarines as well as providing important information to support the POM process and requirements document. ANSOL, Inc. is proud of this initiative and continues to strive to improve the overall common process of Fleet modernization and installation plans for years to come.