ANSOL's C5I installation Synchronization Realignment Action Team (CISRAT): ANSOL, Inc. provides key professionals to support, manage, facilitate and participate in periodic CISRAT meetings. CISRAT meetings are held semi-annually or as needed to support changes to U.S. Navy Operations. The development of CISRAT enabled U.S. Naval Fleet Commanders to coordinate, approve and update the Wideband Modernization Plan (WMP).

Key sponsors and authorities comprise of:

  1. Chief of Naval Operations N6 and N7 Sponsors
  2. Program Executive Office (PEO) C4I and Space
  3. Commander Submarine Forces Atlantic
  4. Commander Submarine Forces Pacific
  5. Alteration Installation Team Managers (AIT) Atlantic and Pacific Managers
  6. Naval Sea Command
  7. Commander Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)

Detailed Submarine systems are reviewed in detail for all class types. Changes and updates are identified, deployment schedules adjusted or modified, and plans for modernization are identified. The CISRAT also reviews and adjudicates other submarine force issues based on Fleet priorities requirements, NPES coordination and any new changes in guidance of direction imposed by the CNO such as Fleet Readiness program (FRP) and its replacement of the "D" minus 30 process (D-30) with respect to how ships are baselined.

The strong relationship between ANSOL and Fleet Commanders result in ANSOL's ability to develop and successfully implement processes that will allow for future growth towards a more efficient and integrated United States Navy.