The Company

ANSOL, Inc.’s intention/mission to provide its customers with end-to-end capability is clearly reflected in the services and products it provides. ANSOL, Inc.’s experience and expertise in the areas of program and financial management makes us unique in the way of innovative thinking. All three areas of acquisition, product development, and integrated installations have been considered and incorporated into the way we do business.

We at ANSOL, Inc. take pride in introducing 3 key methodologies:

  •  Innovative Tools – At ANSOL, Inc. we apply our tools that benefit client needs and expectations. Our innovative tools have successfully improved information integration and tracking of Department of Defense (DoD) Program Executive Office (PEO) C4I programs. Clients now can identify the need; we assess the situation and come up with the best innovative solution to improve processes. Our new tool called the POM ToolTM is another step that will mitigate risk and create a more comprehensive fielding strategy.

  •  Innovative Methods – ANSOL, Inc. has a history of developing and adapting methodologies such as our approach to systematically improve advanced planning processes. This methodology was developed by ANSOL and is used by the PEO C4I Submarine Communications Program Office, PMW 770. We have applied the same basic methodology across all the PEO C4I Platform Integration Offices (PMW 750, 760 and 790) to improve and standardize their advanced planning and integration processes.

  •  Innovative Processes – At ANSOL, Inc. we continue to adapt new processes to integrate budget, technical and schedule information as we support our clients in taking an overall look at the capabilities being delivered to the U.S. Navy.